A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Gutter Jam 3 in under 72 hours

In the deep recesses of an 8th grader's notebook lies a shapely space shooter! 

Shapin' Up is a minimalist shoot-em-up with exciting variation! Stay sharp, as your ship and attacks switch shapes every few seconds. Decide the path of power-ups you take by gaining XP or spend it to unleash powerful special moves. Progress in the game to unlock new color pallets and visual styles. Rake up your score to top your personal best. Shape up and shoot-em-up!

Art by: Electoon (@the_electoon)
Ink Toodles (@InkToodles)

Design and Programming by: Ink Toodles

w/ Music and Sound by: MelonadeM (@_melonadem)

Paper texture by Tyler White (Cliffski via DeviantArt)


Shapin' Up.zip 62 MB


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Made a video

Great work with this, it's really fun. :)